Troubleshooting NTP

Problems with NTP, such as when a server is not responding to client requests, are best diagnosed by viewing log messages and using the snoop utility. Also, the xntpdc and ntpq programs can aid you in troubleshooting NTP, especially by examining the current status of the NTP server process (xntpd) and the NTP server itself. Each of these is described in the following sections.

Log Messages

NTP logs messages via syslog and writes them to /var/adm/messages. Look in this file for NTP-related messages. The following extract of messages shows what happens when a client starts up and runs ntpdate to set the initial time, and then synchronizes with a time server:

 Apr 16 15:22:31 ultra5 ntpdate[432]: [ID 318594 daemon.notice] \ no ...

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