Adding a Terminal

Now we're ready to add the terminal. Table 14.3 shows the parameters we'll use to do this. Also, as we are going to connect it to port “A,” we need to be aware of how this port functions when the machine is headless. For now we'll assume it has a graphics console and revisit the headless case later in the section “Consoles and Serial Ports” on page 343.

Table 14.3. Terminal Configuration Details
Port ConnectionA
Data Format7, e, 2 (7 data, even parity, 2 stop)
Terminal EmulationVT100

The first thing we need is the terminal and the serial cable. Our cable will be a null-modem cable—it has pins 2 and 3 crossed, and 7 straight through. Once it is connected and powered on, you will probably be able to make sure ...

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