Chapter 19. Using Smart Components


  • Understanding Smart Components

  • Using Smart Components

  • Making Smart Components

  • Tutorial: Working with Smart Components

Smart Components are one of the better design automation tools to come from SolidWorks in the last several releases. This is functionality that can save you a lot of time; the more standard items that you insert into your assemblies, the more time it can save you.

Smart Components are parts or assemblies that you can place into an upper-level assembly and that carry with them mounting features and hardware (cut-outs, mounting holes, and even fasteners). Smart Components are configurable, and can automatically size themselves on cylindrical parts.

Understanding Smart Components

A Smart Component can comprise several elements:

  • A single part or an assembly that may use size configurations

  • A configurable library feature that usually serves as mounting holes or a viewing window for the Smart Component

  • Associated hardware that may also be driven by sizes

  • A training assembly that is used to define the Smart Component

Some minor limitations exist, as you might expect:

  • A Smart Component part cannot have references that are external to the Smart Component group of which it is a member

  • When placed in the assembly, the associated library feature can only affect one component

  • The associated library feature is limited to one of several feature types:

    • Extruded or revolved cuts or bosses

    • Hole Wizard holes

    • Simple hole features

The setup time for Smart ...

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