Appendix A. Implementing SolidWorks


  • Licensing

  • Training options

  • Implementation schemes

  • Hardware selection

  • Installation

  • Configuration and standardization

  • Data management

  • System maintenance

This appendix is intended to help anyone who is getting started with SolidWorks needs to rescue an existing but poorly implemented system. Everyone, from a single user to the CAD Administrator of a large installation, can benefit from reading this appendix.

Your success with SolidWorks does not only depend on the functionality and quality of the software, or even on how thoroughly you know the software. It also depends on how you maintain the system, license it, install it, and manage the design data, as well as how well your methods are accepted in the rest of the organization. SolidWorks becomes the interface between the engineering department and the manufacturing, IT, project management, and documentation departments. All these components come together to form the overall implementation and integration of SolidWorks into your business processes.


Depending on how and where you buy SolidWorks, different licensing options may be available to you. The types of licenses available are educational, usb dongle, on-line activation, network license, temporary and home use licenses. SolidWorks does not allow the transfer of licenses between companies or individuals except if one company buys the entire assets of another.

License activation

SolidWorks stand-alone software is licensed by a process ...

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