Chapter 5. Using Visualization Techniques


  • Manipulating the view

  • Using view tools

  • Understanding RealView

  • Using Display States

  • Tutorial: Visualization techniques

In SolidWorks software, visualizing geometry is very important. In fact, visualization of 3D data is part of the overall mission of the software. Consequently, the visualization tools are very powerful. I remember first running SolidWorks and all of the things I could do to actually see how parts in an assembly fit together. When I used AutoCAD, the visualization was all in my head. I had to imagine what the 3D looked like given the 2D views. SolidWorks takes it so much further than just being able to see things in 3D; you can look at some parts of an assembly in wireframe while others are transparent and others are opaque. You can see a part with a reflective appearance. You can create section views in parts and assemblies to visualize internal details.

I hope that this chapter fills in some important capabilities in your SolidWorks toolbox and at the same time provides some of the awe and wonder that we sometimes get to experience while using incredible 3D tools to do actual work. I will start with the simple and pass through to some more advanced visualizations tools and techniques. If I sound a little enthusiastic about this topic, it is because visualization is the part of this software that really brings my imagination to life. It can be the source of real inspiration and allows me to communicate geometrical ...

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