Chapter 2: Navigating the Assembly Interface

In This Chapter

Discovering elements of the SolidWorks interface Exploring the interface

The SolidWorks interface for working with assemblies offers a wide range of tools. You will often find more than one way to do almost everything. Most of the tools are the same as those found in the general parts interface, but this chapter will show you special techniques for using these tools to make your job easier with assemblies.

Once you have mastered the various interface elements and customized your SolidWorks installation, working with assemblies becomes much more efficient and satisfying. Your command of the interface will come with practice and experience. Many existing users may discover features in this book of which they were not aware, even though they have used the software for years.

Each interface element identified in Figure 2.1 is explained in detail within this chapter. You won't see all of the elements shown in Figure 2.1 at the same time; the figure was assembled to show as many interface elements as possible.


Elements of the SolidWorks assembly interface


Identifying Elements of the SolidWorks Assembly Interface

Most of the elements of the assembly interface are the same as the part interface. (You can find a complete description in the SolidWorks 2011 Parts Bible.) This chapter describes the elements of the SolidWorks ...

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