Chapter 12: Using Parametric Links in Assemblies

In This Chapter

Using assembly equations Linking values and global variables Copying sketches between parts in an assembly Transferring information using the Insert Part feature

SolidWorks enables users to create parametric links between parts in the assembly with a variety of tools, including equations, link values, global variables, and derived sketches. These options have some considerations when compared to their counterparts used in part documents, mostly around the ideas of file management and keeping the links up to date through changes to the filenames.

In addition, whenever changes in one model affect another model, you need to use extra care to make sure that you get the changes you want.

This chapter assumes that you already have an understanding of equations, link values, global variables, and derived sketches in parts. It only adds information related to assemblies, or links outside individual part files.

Using Equations in an Assembly

Assembly equations work mainly like part equations, but with some additional complications and considerations. For example, one of the additional features of assembly equations is the ability to drive the dimensions of one part from another part. The syntax is slightly different for this application, as shown in Figure 12.1. Overall, issues with equation order and using driven dimensions on the right side of the equation are the same between parts and assemblies. You can open the Equations ...

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