Appendix B: What's on the DVD

In This Appendix

Reviewing the system requirements Troubleshooting during the install of the DVD

Extract the contents of the file to your hard drive in a location that is easy to access. The DVD contains example and tutorial parts, assemblies, and drawings, as well as templates, macros, and tables as appropriate for each chapter. The files are organized within folders for each chapter and are named for the chapter and the function they demonstrate. Some of the files are starting points for tutorials, and some are finished models meant to be examined.

If you make changes to files, I recommend that you use the Save As command (FileSave As) to keep the original file intact. You also can retrieve originals from the DVD again if needed.

The DVD also includes several video tutorials on various topics related to material in the book. The videos are narrated and offer another learning option to the print-only tutorials found in the book. The videos do not duplicate the print-only tutorials. The main goal of the video tutorials is to demonstrate the workflow or visual options for SolidWorks tools.


I do not recommend that you open files directly from the DVD or from the Zip file, because SolidWorks will respond with messages about read-only files.


The files on the DVD are also available on the publisher's website at Click the Downloads link.

System Requirements

Make sure that your computer ...

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