Introducing SolidWorks


Installing SolidWorks

Getting started with SolidWorks

Identifying different types of SolidWorks documents

Getting familiar with feature-based modeling

Looking at history-based modeling

Creating changeable sketches

Controlling changes with Design Intent

Modifying Design Intent

Working with links between documents

Creating a template part tutorial

Using parametrics in sketches tutorial

In SolidWorks, you build 3D parts from a series of simple 2D sketches and features such as extrude, revolve, fillets, cuts, and holes, among others. You can then create 2D drawings from the 3D parts and assemblies.

This chapter will familiarize you with some of the tools available to make the transition to SolidWorks, and with some of the basic facts and concepts that you need to know to get the most out of the software.

If you want to start using the software without learning about how or why it works, you can skip directly to Chapter 3 for sketches or Chapter 4 to start making simple parts, assemblies, and drawings. Of course, I recommend you get a bit of background and some foundation first.

Installing SolidWorks for the First Time

Some of you will have SolidWorks installed for you by people in your company or by SolidWorks reseller experts, and some of you will do the installation on your own. Regardless, it is best to make sure that your hardware and software are compatible with the SolidWorks system requirements, available on the SolidWorks Web ...

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