Chapter 22: Working with Large Scale Design


What is large scale design?

Using walkthrough

Exporting to IFC

Creating a grid structure

Large Scale Design is SolidWorks' first step into the world of architectural design and documentation. It is intended to be the first of several architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) type tools aimed at the design of large welded structures. According to SolidWorks marketing materials, “Large Scale Design brings together the tools you need to effectively design machinery, heavy equipment, plants, small ships, and other large objects.”

Dassault Systemmes, SolidWorks' parent company, is also working on a product called SolidWorks Live Buildings, which is a Catia V6-based full AEC design tool. I only mention this here to make clear the distinction between the more basic aim of SolidWorks Large Scale Design, aimed at large welded or bolt-together structures, and the more polished architectural work for finished buildings.

Large Scale Design encompasses three topics covered in this chapter: walk-through animation, GridSystem, and IFC export. Look for these to increase in number and in scope in future releases of SolidWorks. Although Large Scale Design also uses standard SolidWorks functionality such as sketching, part modeling, assembly modeling, weldments, and drawings, these latter topics don't have Large Scale Design–specific capabilities at this time.

Using Large Design Review

Large Design Review is a view-only mode that ...

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