Chapter 23: Animating with the MotionManager


Introducing the MotionManager

Creating rotating and exploded view animations

Animating view changes in the MotionManager

Using key points

Working with Basic Motion

The MotionManager is an interface that enables you to create animations showing motion of parts and assemblies based on a timeline. These animations can range from a simple rotating part to complex moving machinery, involving motion constrained by assembly mates or motion driven by motors, springs, gravity, and contact. You can render the animations using PhotoView 360 or show them in a SolidWorks display mode, including RealView.

Collectively, the results of any of the motion capabilities in SolidWorks are called Motion Studies. Some of the capabilities are more focused on analysis, while others involve simple animation for presenting a movie, but all can create movie output.

SolidWorks has three primary methods and two ancillary methods of creating motion in assemblies:

Animation: This creates simple motion driven by the Animation Wizard, key frames, mates, and motors.

Basic Motion: This includes motors, springs, friction, and standard mates.

SolidWorks Motion (analysis): This includes basic motion as well as forces and dampers, and will calculate loads, velocities, and accelerations. This isn't covered here because it's not part of SolidWorks Standard. It's available only with SolidWorks Premium or SolidWorks Simulation Professional.

There are two ...

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