Chapter 25: Working with Drawing Views


Using common view types

Exploring other view types

Assigning hotkeys to View items

Sketching in a view versus sketching on a sheet

In SolidWorks drawings, the drawing view is a snapshot of the 3D model from a particular point of view. To change the lines on the view, you have to change the 3D model; you don't just move lines around the view.

If you're coming from AutoCAD, this might seem a little confining. However, this method will become liberating rather than confining. It means that you don't have to worry about the drawing views being inconsistent or incorrect. All you have to worry about is the 3D model being correct.

SolidWorks automatically maintains the views better than you could do it manually. It can update any type of view from any point of view of even the most complex model or assembly geometry perfectly.

Creating Common View Types

Chapter 24 discussed Predefined Views in templates. Predefined Views make it faster to automatically create drawings with consistently placed, simple views. However, sometimes you may need to create views on templates that don't have Predefined Views, or you may need a special arrangement of views. SolidWorks has a good assortment of view types to make practically any type of view that you may need.


When creating or changing either the geometry or the settings that control how a view is displayed, the view may become cross-hatched, indicating that the model needs to be rebuilt. ...

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