Chapter 2. Preparing Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) is the secondary force behind successful CAD Administration, the primary being CAD knowledge. If you are not IT savvy yourself, you should have people available to help you understand or make decisions who are. Some companies try to put the IT department in charge of CAD Administration. While this might work, I don't believe it is the best way, because CAD users need more direct control over their systems, especially when changes are made. SolidWorks Administration is not always a precise science. Changes to the software come frequently, and often with the requirement for testing to avoid newly introduced bugs.

Hardware options change so rapidly that it is difficult for most people to stay on top of what is available now and in the near future. Researching hardware for optimal CAD implementation could be a full-time job just by itself. Beyond that, I cannot get very specific in this book about which hardware to buy, because this book may have a life of several years, but the recommendations may not be valid for more than a few weeks.

This book will arm you with the priorities you need to have going into hardware selection and some general standards that have been true for a long time. With this information, you should be ...

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