Chapter 8. Standardizing Settings

Maintaining standardization is one of the most important duties of a CAD Administrator. Standardization has many benefits, such as getting all users on the same page, speaking the same documentation lingo, and communicating with vendors with the same graphical style. Consistency in drawing practices as well as modeling practices is important for streamlining tasks to reduce errors and make sure all types of documents are interpreted consistently. Standardization also helps when you have users who are not SolidWorks wizards. Wizards can figure out anything you throw at them, but average users generally have a limited range of functionality they can navigate successfully. Standardization can help keep your work in the range of functionality for which most users have been trained.

Beyond the technical advantages, management will be pleased that standardization saves money, helps define relationships with outside organizations, and makes those relationships flow more smoothly.

One of the things you have to be able to allow for when creating a new standard or adding to an old one is that users are people. You cannot make users into clones who all function the same way under all circumstances. Individuals are different. We understand things differently, learn differently, and execute differently. Compounding the difference between users is the fact that SolidWorks is a tool that has an ...

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