Chapter 13. Using Custom Properties

When it comes to standardizing SolidWorks usage, you will find fewer topics more important than custom properties. Custom properties, including configuration specific properties, are metadata — non-geometrical textual information that tells you something about the document to which the property belongs. You can control custom properties in many ways, including through the basic custom property interface (choose File


Custom properties can also be controlled through the Update Custom Properties function of the SolidWorks Task Scheduler, through SolidWorks Explorer, and through the Workgroup Product Data Management (PDM) interface, as well as, to some extent, the Windows Explorer interface.

In addition to applications within SolidWorks, custom and configuration specific file properties need to be reviewed and considered for use in PDM/PLM and MRP/ERP applications. In some cases, you may have applications that have one-way or bidirectional capabilities. This is where your involvement with other departments and individuals, along with your thorough knowledge of the SolidWorks software and how to apply good ideas, is important to a successful implementation of SolidWorks.

Tags are another type of metadata that you ...

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