Chapter 17. Collaboration

The word collaboration literally means, "work together" (co-labor). This is something that is difficult to do in a process (design) that is in most respects an individual activity, and on a computer that is called a "personal" computer. The part of CAD or engineering work that is the most collaborative occurs when you work with others on large projects. The word has become overused in the product-development world, especially in marketing circles.

Collaboration in the real world isn't like what is shown in the glossy business magazines. It is more often two people working across the room or across the planet from one another, sharing data and making individual contributions to a larger project.

When it comes to collaboration in SolidWorks, the details are about sharing files, who gets read/write access, and how you communicate back and forth.

The obvious collaborative solution is Product Data Management (PDM). This chapter only touches on PDM as a reference point. Chapters 21 through 25 specifically cover SolidWorks Workgroup PDM. Collaboration in this chapter refers to the details of manual file management and working together with other SolidWorks users when you do not have a PDM program in place, and in particular how the settings on the Collaboration page of Tools


Sharing Data

Sharing SolidWorks ...

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