Chapter 23. Post-Processing Data


  • Presenting ideas with PhotoWorks

  • Communicating with eDrawings

  • Using 3D Instant Website

  • Using PowerPoint as a communication tool

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • What about fully dimensioned prints?

Making beautiful models is not all there is to it. Sometimes you have to communicate with the outside world. There are various forms of communicating, and you have to use several factors to come up with the right format for the right group of people. SolidWorks allows you many ways to communicate with people in different parts of the design process who have different needs. While this single chapter overview of several communication tools will not make you an expert at any of them, it can give you some idea of applications for each one.

What kind of presentation can you do if the boss has just showed up at your desk with no warning and is looking over your shoulder with an investor and four guests from China? What do you do with 15 minutes' warning? An hour? A week? Unlimited preparation time? Obviously, you will prepare differently, depending on how much time you have. Being aware of the possibilities is the first step to pulling off a fantastic impromptu demo of a product that does not exist yet.

Presenting Ideas with PhotoWorks

Getting good–looking images out of PhotoWorks is a field of study all its own, and I am not going to try to add anything to that discussion here in this brief chapter. What I am going to try to do is to give you some ideas for how to ...

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