Chapter 1. Apache Solr Configuration

In this chapter, we will cover the following recipes:

  • Running Solr on a standalone Jetty
  • Installing ZooKeeper for SolrCloud
  • Migrating configuration from master-slave to SolrCloud
  • Choosing the proper directory configuration
  • Configuring the Solr spellchecker
  • Using Solr in a schemaless mode
  • Limiting I/O usage
  • Using core discovery
  • Configuring SolrCloud for NRT use cases
  • Configuring SolrCloud for high-indexing use cases
  • Configuring SolrCloud for high-querying use cases
  • Configuring the Solr heartbeat mechanism
  • Changing similarity


Setting up an example for a Solr instance is not a hard task. We have all that is provided with the Solr distribution package, which we need for the example deployment. In fact, this is the ...

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