6Multi-Criteria Decision Aid for Green Modes of Crude Oil Transportation Using MACBETH: The Sfax Region Case

The hazardous materials transportation is a problem of growing interest worldwide, mainly due to the increasing volumes of goods transported and the risks generated. Transport is, therefore, both a logistical and a safety issue. In this context, the modal choice is a logistical choice that integrates several criteria and can influence the long-term sustainability and competitiveness of a company. This modal choice decision is not only influenced by the criteria of cost, time, and quality, but also by a wide range of social and environmental criteria. In this chapter, we focus on a specific activity in Tunisia. This activity is the transport of crude oil from the Sfax region to the port of Skhira. The problem to be solved in this research regards choosing the most appropriate mode(s) of transport for carrying crude oil while also considering economic, social, and environmental factors.

In order to achieve these objectives, we used the multi-criteria MACBETH method to find the appropriate mode of crude oil transportation that represents the compromise solution. To better validate our contribution, we conducted sensitivity analyses and a comparison with the AHP multi-criteria method.

6.1. Introduction

Transport is a key activity throughout the supply chain. It is part of a logistic process that is often multi-stakeholder and multi-activity. In fact, it can be considered ...

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