AC adapter, 77


buying guidelines, 161

flash, 163168

Action shots

lens selection, 155156

shooting, 156

ADI, see Advanced Distance Integration

Adobe RGB mode, Creative Style, 47

Advanced Distance Integration (ADI), flash metering, 165, 185

Advanced modes, 2526

AEL button, see Auto Exposure Lock button

AF, see Autofocus

AF-A, see Automatic autofocus mode

AF-C, see Continuous autofocus mode

AF Illuminator setting, 60

AF Priority setting, 60

AF-S, see Single-shot autofocus mode


definition, 185

principles, 1314

Aperture Priority mode, 25

Aspect Ratio setting, 58

Audio signals option, 71

Auto Exposure Lock (AEL) button, 3435, 51, 62

Auto flash mode, 49

Autofocus (AF)

definition, 185


areas, 3637

modes, ...

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