Section 8: All About Flash

Once you've experienced just how ugly you can make people look just by popping up the flash whenever you need a bit more light, you may never want to use it again. However, the A100 gives you lots of versatility with your lighting choices, not the least of which is the camera's built-in wireless remote capability for firing multiple flashes without wires. You'll also learn how to use the camera to fire studio strobes without wires. Even the little pop up flash is amazingly versatile because you can control just how much fill flash to use in any given lighting situation.

Using the Built-in Flash

The flash you're likely to use most often is the one that's built into the camera. Why? Because it's the one you always have with you. Be advised, however, to use it as the sole light source only when you really have no other choice; direct, on-camera flash usually produces hard, unflattering shadows and red-eye.

Most folks use the built-in flash in their cameras any time they have doubt about whether there's enough light for a decent exposure. You really don't need to do that with your Sony, thanks to the built-in image stabilization that works with every lens. Before you use the flash, make sure the Super Steady Shot feature is turned on. Watch the bars on the right side of the viewfinder, say "hold it", and gently press the shuuter all the way when the bars are at their lowest. You'll probably get a good, naturally-lit shot that has no red-eye. Check the viewfinder. ...

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