18  Compact Disc

CD parameters

Disc diameter

120 mm

Rotation speed

568–228 r.p.m. (at 1.4 m/s)


486–196 r.p.m. (at 1.2 m/s)

Playing time (max)

74 min

No. of tracks

20 625

Track spacing

1.6 μm

Lead-in diameter

46 mm

Lead-out diameter

116 mm

Total track length

5300 m

Linear velocity

1.2 or 1.4 m/s

The CD Track

See Figure 92.


Figure 92  Track and pit dimensions

Stages in the ‘cutting’ of a CD

See Figure 93.


Figure 93  Stages in the production of CD masters and mothers

1.  Glass plate is polished for maximum smoothness. ...

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