6  Electromechanical Analogies

Summary of Analogue Quantities, Units, Symbols and Relationships

The table below gives the overall units and dimensions:




Mass, M (kg)

Mass, Ma, Inertance

Inductance, H, (Henry)

Force, F (N)

Sound pressure, p

Volts (V)

Displacement, x (m)

Charge Q (C)

Velocity, (m/s)

Volume velocity

Current (Q/s,A),i

Energy, work (J)

joules (J)

joules (J)

Power (W, J/s)

watts (W)

watts (W)

Stiffness, F/x

Compliance, x/F

Compliance, Ca

Capacitance, C

Frequency, f (l/s,Hz)

Resistance, Rm

Acoustic resistance, Ra

Resistance R

Temperature (K)

Magnetic flux density, B

Length, L

Impedance relationships

Mechanical impedance,

Specific acoustic impedance, ...

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