Book description

As he did in his classic Synchronicity, Joseph Jaworski once again takes us on a mind-expanding journey, this time to the very heart of creativity and deep knowing.

Institutions of all sorts are facing profound change today, with complexity increasing at a speed and intensity we've never experienced before. Jaworski came to realize that traditional analytical leadership approaches are inadequate for dealing creatively with this complexity. To effectively face these challenges, leaders need to access the Source from which truly profound innovation flows.

Many people, including Jaworski himself, have experienced a connection with this Source, often when called upon to respond in times of crisis—moments of extreme spontaneity and intuitive insight. Actions simply flow through them, seemingly without any sort of conscious intervention. But these experiences are chance occurrences—ordinarily, we don't know how to access the Source, and we even have a blind spot as to its very existence.

In an extraordinarily wide-ranging intellectual odyssey, Jaworski relates his fascinating experiences with quantum physicists, cognitive scientists, indigenous leaders, and spiritual thinkers, all focused on getting to the heart of the Source. Ultimately, he develops four guiding principles that encompass the nature of the Source and what we need to do to stay in dynamic dialogue with it.

Using the combination of narrative and reflection that made Synchronicity so compelling, Jaworski has written a book that illuminates the essential nature not only of visionary leadership but also of relationships, consciousness, and ultimately reality itself.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction: The Capacity to Sense and Actualize Emerging Futures
  7. Prologue
  8. 1. The Source of the Entrepreneurial Impulse – The Quest Begins
  9. 2. A Deeper Region of Consciousness
  10. 3. Birth of the U Theory
  11. 4. A Laboratory for Creative Discovery
  12. 5. The Red Book
  13. 6. Baja: The Birth of the Global Leadership Initiative
  14. 7. Demonstration Projects
  15. 8. The Mountain Lion
  16. 9. Learning Hard Lessons
  17. 10. Encounter in the Netherlands
  18. 11. Stage IV Leaders
  19. 12. Return to Baja
  20. 13. Journey to Pari
  21. 14. The Finite, the Infinite, and the Destiny State
  22. 15. Nonlocality and the Implicate Order
  23. 16. Indigenous Science
  24. 17. The Inner State
  25. 18. Encountering the Authentic Whole
  26. 19. Partners in Evolution
  27. 20. Science and Human Possibility
  28. 21. Remote Viewing
  29. 22. The Powerful Nature of Human Intention
  30. 23. Collective Coherence
  31. 24. The Source of Reality
  32. 25. Foresight
  33. 26. Accessing the Source – The Surprising Role of the Heart
  34. 27. Group Entrainment
  35. 28. The Power of Passionate Attention
  36. 29. Connecting to the Source
  37. 30. The Structure of Knowledge Creation
  38. 31. The Release of Limiting Belief Systems
  39. 32. Sudden Illumination
  40. 33. Ancient Antecedents
  41. 34. Nature and Sacred Spaces
  42. 35. The Power of Love
  43. 36. A Disciplined Path
  44. 37. Developing Stage IV Leadership
  45. 38. Scaffolding Stage IV Organizations
  46. 39. Stage IV Enterprises: Two Stories
  47. 40. The Advent of Stage IV Organizations
  48. Epilogue
  49. Notes
  50. Acknowledgments
  51. Index
  52. About the Author
  53. Generon International

Product information

  • Title: Source
  • Author(s): Joseph Jaworski
  • Release date: February 2012
  • Publisher(s): Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • ISBN: 9781576759059