Chapter 30. Using Names in Excel

In this chapter

Defining a Name for a Cell by Using the Name Box 842

Naming a Cell by Using the New Name Dialog 843

Using the Name Box for Quick Navigation 844

Using Scope to Allow Duplicate Names in a Workbook 845

Using Named Ranges to Simplify Formulas 846

Managing Names 854

Using a Name to Hold a Value 856

Assigning a Formula to a Name 857

Long before Microsoft introduced tables and formulas like =Revenue-Cost, spreadsheets have offered the ability to assign a name to a cell, to a range of cells, or to a formula. The theory is that using a name for a range would be easier to understand when used in a formula. =SUM(MyExpenses) would make formulas more self-documenting than =SUM(Sheet5!AB2:AB99).

With Excel 2007, ...

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