Mailing Reports in Access Snapshot Format

The Microsoft Office Service Release 1 (SR-1) became available for downloading from the Microsoft Web site August 6, 1997. SR-1 includes the following additions and patches for Office 97 components:

  • Access Report Snapshot e-mail export feature

  • Access Snapshot Viewer

  • Word 6.0/97 Binary Converter for Word 97

  • POP3 and SMTP Internet e-mail support for Outlook 97

  • Support for Intel MMX technology in graphics applications

  • Additional viewers, converters, and other minor enhancements and updates

This section shows you how to use the Access Report Snapshot feature and the Access Snapshot Viewer.


Office 97 SR-1 is a 7M download and occupies an additional 10M of disk space. You need a total of 35M of free disk space ...

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