Understanding Automation

Access 97, like Access 95, is an OLE 2.1 client and server application; Access 2.0 was an OLE 2.01 client only. The Jet 3.5 database engine is a programmable Automation object, so VBA-enabled applications, including all members of Office 97, can manipulate the Jet 3.5 DAO with code similar to the Access VBA examples in Chapter 27, "Understanding the Data Access Object Class."

◂◂ See Writing a Function that Uses Database Objects.

Referencing the Jet 3.5 engine directly in other VBA-enabled applications, rather than using Access 97 as an Automation server, is much faster and uses fewer resources. Therefore, your primary use of Access 97 is likely to be as an Automation client that manipulates various Automation servers, ...

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