Choosing a New Slide Color Scheme

Each design template includes several color schemes (p. 39) from which you can choose. A color scheme is a set of eight coordinated colors that apply to the following parts of your slides:

  • Background

  • Text and lines

  • Shadows

  • Title text

  • Fills

  • Accent

  • Accent and hyperlink

  • Accent and followed hyperlink

For example, you may like a basic design template, but prefer to use different colors. Or you may want to use the same presentation for both onscreen and overhead delivery, but they require different color schemes.

Applying a Color Scheme

To apply a new color scheme to your presentation, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Format, Slide Color Scheme to open the Color Scheme dialog box, shown in Figure 6.11.

    Figure 6.11. Use this dialog ...

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