Using cfsadmin to Manage a Cached File System

The cfsadmin command is used to administer the cached file system. Table 10.1 describes the options used with the cfsadmin command to perform various administration tasks.

Table 10.1. Options Used with cfsadmin Command Along with Their Corresponding Administration Tasks
OptionsAdministration Tasks
cfsadmin -c [ -o cachefs_parameters ] cache_directoryCreates a cached file system.
cfsadmin -u[ -o cachefs_parameters ] cache_directoryUpdates the resource parameters for unmounted cached file systems.
cfsadmin -l cache_directoryLists the contents of the cache.
cfsadmin -d [ cache_ID | all ] cache_directoryDeletes the cached file system.

Creating the Cached File System

You create the cache with the cfsadmin

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