Understanding, Planning, and Implementing SEAM

Sun Enterprise Authentication Mechanism (SEAM) provided by the Solaris 9 OE was first introduced as part of the Solaris Easy Access Server (SEAS) in Solaris 2.6 and 7. In version 8 of Solaris, the SEAM client was added to the OS. In addition, the SEAM KDC and remote application components were added to SEAM in Solaris 8. In Solaris 9, the client and KDC components are the only features supported by the SEAM utility. SEAM has client/server architecture. It provides user authentication and data integrity over networks. Based on the industry standard network authentication system Kerberos Version 5, SEAM provides interoperability in heterogeneous networks. If you have used Kerberos Version 5, you will ...

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