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Special Edition Using Microsoft® Office Word 2007

Book Description


This book will help you build solid skills to create the documents you need right now, and expert-level guidance for leveraging Word’s most advanced features whenever you need them. If you buy only one book on Word 2007, Special Edition Using Microsoft Office Word 2007 is the book you need.

• Come up to speed quickly with the new Word 2007 Ribbon interface

• Streamline document formatting with styles, templates, and themes

• Collaborate with others using comments and tracked changes

• Master mail merges, master documents, and other advanced features

• Manage large documents with indexes, TOCs, and automatically numbered references

• Use fields and forms to collect and manage information

• Illustrate key concepts with SmartArt diagrams

• Create and apply custom themes that control fonts, color schemes, and effects

• Manage academic research citations and generate bibliographies in any popular documentation format

On the Web

Includes complete instructions and a command reference you can use to customize the Ribbon with RibbonX, even if you have little or no previous XML experience. You can also download additional RibbonX examples and an easy-to-use RibbonCustomizer utility from this book’s companion web site, www.quepublishing.com/usingword2007.


        About the Authors  xxx

        Introduction  1

Part I  Working with Text Documents

Chapter 1     Introducing Word 2007  7

Chapter 2     Creating and Saving Documents  27

Chapter 3     Typing and Editing Text  59

Chapter 4     Using Spelling, Grammar, and Research Tools  95

Chapter 5     Printing and Faxing Documents  133

Part II Formatting a Document

Chapter 6     Applying Character Formatting  155

Chapter 7     Formatting Paragraphs and Lists  191

Chapter 8     Creating and Applying Styles and Themes  227

Chapter 9     Formatting Documents and Sections  263

Chapter 10   Using and Creating Project Templates  297

Chapter 11   Working with Nonstandard Document Layouts  319

Part III           Tables and Graphics

Chapter 12   Creating and Formatting Tables  353

Chapter 13   Working with Photos  395

Chapter 14   Working with Clip Art and the Clip Organizer  425

Chapter 15   Working with Drawings and WordArt  455

Chapter 16   Working with Charts  491

Chapter 17   Working with SmartArt and Math Formulas  533

Part IV            Collecting and Managing Data

Chapter 18   Performing Mail and Data Merges  563

Chapter 19   Copying, Linking, and Embedding Data  601

Chapter 20   Working with Fields  631

Chapter 21   Creating Forms  655

Part V Long Documents

Chapter 22   Outlining and Summarizing Documents  681

Chapter 23   Using Master Documents  703

Chapter 24   Citing Sources and References  719

Chapter 25   Creating Tables of Contents and Other Listings  747

Chapter 26   Building Effective Indexes  765

Part VI            Collaboration and Online Sharing

Chapter 27   Collaborating with Others  783

Chapter 28   Protecting and Securing Documents  805

Chapter 29   Online Collaboration with Office Live and SharePoint Team Services  823

Chapter 30   Working with Blogs and Email  847

Chapter 31   Developing Web Content  857

Chapter 32   Using Word to Develop XML Content  875

Part VII          Customizing and Extending Word

Chapter 33   Macros and Add-Ins  905

Chapter 34   Customizing the Word Interface  935

Chapter 35   Customizing Word 2007’s Ribbon with RibbonX  945

Part VIII         Appendixes

Appendix A   Recovering Files and Repairing Word  975

Appendix B   Converting from Other Word Processing Systems  985

Appendix C   Accessibility Tips and Techniques  991

Appendix D   Command Reference: Word 2003 to Word 2007  999

Appendix E   Setting Up and Modifying Office 2007  1017

        Index  1025

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Contents at a Glance
  4. Contents
  5. About the Author
  6. About the Contributing Authors
  7. Dedication
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. We Want to Hear from You!
  10. Reader Services
  11. Introduction
  12. Part I: Working with Text Documents
    1. Chapter 1. Introducing Word 2007
    2. Chapter 2. Creating and Saving Documents
    3. Chapter 3. Typing and Editing Text
    4. Chapter 4. Using Spelling, Grammar, and Research Tools
    5. Chapter 5. Printing and Faxing Documents
  13. Part II: Formatting a Document
    1. Chapter 6. Applying Character Formatting
    2. Chapter 7. Formatting Paragraphs and Lists
    3. Chapter 8. Creating and Applying Styles and Themes
    4. Chapter 9. Formatting Documents and Sections
    5. Chapter 10. Using and Creating Project Templates
    6. Chapter 11. Working with Nonstandard Document Layouts
  14. Part III: Tables and Graphics
    1. Chapter 12. Creating and Formatting Tables
    2. Chapter 13. Working with Photos
    3. Chapter 14. Working with Clip Art and the Clip Organizer
    4. Chapter 15. Working with Drawings and WordArt
    5. Chapter 16. Working with Charts
    6. Chapter 17. Working with SmartArt and Math Formulas
  15. Part IV: Collecting and Managing Data
    1. Chapter 18. Performing Mail and Data Merges
    2. Chapter 19. Copying, Linking, and Embedding Data
    3. Chapter 20. Working with Fields
    4. Chapter 21. Creating Forms
  16. Part V: Long Documents
    1. Chapter 22. Outlining and Summarizing Documents
    2. Chapter 23. Using Master Documents
    3. Chapter 24. Citing Sources and References
    4. Chapter 25. Creating Tables of Contents and Other Listings
    5. Chapter 26. Building Effective Indexes
  17. Part VI: Collaboration and Online Sharing
    1. Chapter 27. Collaborating with Others
    2. Chapter 28. Protecting and Securing Documents
    3. Chapter 29. Online Collaboration with Office Live and SharePoint Team Services
    4. Chapter 30. Working with Blogs and Email
    5. Chapter 31. Developing Web Content
    6. Chapter 32. Using Word to Develop XML Content
  18. Part VII: Customizing and Extending Word
    1. Chapter 33. Macros and Add-Ins
    2. Chapter 34. Customizing the Word Interface
    3. Chapter 35. Customizing Word 2007's Ribbon with RibbonX
  19. Part VIII: Appendixes
    1. Appendix A. Recovering Files and Repairing Word
    2. Appendix B. Converting from Other Word Processing Systems
    3. Appendix C. Accessibility Tips and Techniques
    4. Appendix D. Command Reference: Word 2003 to Word 2007
    5. Appendix E. Setting Up and Modifying Office 2007
  20. Index