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Specifications of Photovoltaic Pumping Systems in Agriculture

Book Description

Specifications of Photovoltaic Pumping Systems in Agriculture: Sizing, Fuzzy Energy Management and Economic Sensitivity Analysis is the first book of its kind to discuss the physical installation and sizing of PV pumping systems, also providing a successful energy management operation and economic sensitivity analysis.

In order to balance production with consumption, and to improve the lifetime of batteries, Imene Yahyaoui offers a complete study through sensitive analysis of system components and sizing algorithms, providing guidance for efficient energy conversion and management for off-grid systems.

From this single source, readers will be equipped with all the necessary data they need to understand, plan, and implement cost reduced systems.

  • Contains practical examples on how to optimize photovoltaic energy to pump water
  • Presents case studies on both the physical installation and effective energy management of PV water pump systems
  • Provides in-depth economic studies that justify optimization reliability

Table of Contents

  1. Cover image
  2. Title page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Foreword
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Prologue
  9. Chapter 1. Renewable Energies and Irrigation
    1. Abstract
    2. 1.1 Introduction
    3. 1.2 Renewable Energies
    4. 1.3 Renewable Energies for Irrigation
    5. 1.4 Tomatoes Irrigation
    6. 1.5 Conclusions
    7. References
  10. Chapter 2. Modeling of the Photovoltaic Irrigation Plant Components
    1. Abstract
    2. 2.1 Introduction
    3. 2.2 Target System
    4. 2.3 System Modeling and Validation
    5. 2.4 Conclusions
    6. References
  11. Chapter 3. Sizing Optimization of the Photovoltaic Irrigation Plant Components
    1. Abstract
    2. 3.1 Introduction
    3. 3.2 A Review on Sizing Algorithms in the Literature
    4. 3.3 Sizing Algorithm Proposal
    5. 3.4 Application to a Case Study
    6. 3.5 Conclusions
    7. References
  12. Chapter 4. Optimum Energy Management of the Photovoltaic Irrigation Installation
    1. Abstract
    2. 4.1 Introduction
    3. 4.2 Review of Renewable Energy Management in Irrigation
    4. 4.3 Problem Formulation
    5. 4.4 Proposed EMA
    6. 4.5 Application to a Case Study
    7. 4.6 Experimental Validation
    8. 4.7 Conclusions
    9. References
  13. Chapter 5. Viability of DG, DG/PV and PV/Batteries Plants for Water Pumping: Sensitivity Analysis According to Geographical and Economic Parameters Variations
    1. Abstract
    2. 5.1 Introduction
    3. 5.2 Water Pumping Systems Equipped With DG
    4. 5.3 Economic Viability of PV/Batteries and Diesel Plants
    5. 5.4 Sensitivity Analysis of the Cost of Water Pumping Systems to the Geographic Parameters
    6. 5.5 Conclusion
    7. References
  14. Chapter 6. General Conclusion
  15. Appendix A. Photovoltaic Energy: Basic Principles
    1. A.1 Introduction
    2. A.2 Photovoltaic Effect Principle
    3. A.3 Physical Aspects of Solar Cell Efficiency
    4. A.4 Solar Cell Making Technique
    5. A.5 PV Arrays
    6. References
  16. Appendix B. Centrifugal Water Pumps: Basic Principles
    1. B.1 Principle of Operation
    2. References
  17. Appendix C. The Induction Machine: Modeling and Control
    1. C.1 Space Vector Notion
    2. C.2 Reference Change
    3. C.3 Equations of the IM using the Space Vectors
    4. C.4 State Equations
    5. C.5 IM Direct Starting
    6. C.6 IM Control Using the RFOC Method
    7. References
  18. Index