12What Do You Do with Spiral Dynamics?

Some Practical Applications of Spiral Dynamics

Spiral Dynamics (SD) is arguably the first major, systemic, conceptual system and complex way of thinking about everything that addresses the “big picture” and holistic perspectives currently in vogue in cutting-edge executive leadership thinking, provides a mechanism and methodology for looking at macro and micro issues simultaneously, and lays down a specific, practical and usable change technology that aligns and connects all of the variables, stakeholders, cultures, sub-cultures and other interests within an elegantly designed organism, one that integrates technology, business system, and human dynamics within a seamless, interactive process.

Nothing similar to Spiral Dynamics can be found in any applied literature, journals, “bestseller” books, academic programs or consultant packages. It stands alone. This makes it difficult for many to get their minds around the whole because we are so trained to focus only on parts. We are so accustomed to looking for quick fixes, single-cause analyses and solutions, car-wash interventions or micro applications.

Everything else is only a part of the whole: work process re-engineering, motivation, job design, cultural diversity, executive leadership, creativity training, ethics and values programs, flat organizational designs and other flavors-of-the-month. Yet, everybody claims they are searching for something new and more powerful, with a more sensitive ...

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