Spring Batch in Action

Book description

SummarySpring Batch in Action is an in-depth guide to writing batch applications using Spring Batch. Written for developers who have basic knowledge of Java and the Spring lightweight container, the book provides both a best-practices approach to writing batch jobs and comprehensive coverage of the Spring Batch framework. About the Technology Even though running batch jobs is a common task, there's no standard way to write them. Spring Batch is a framework for writing batch applications in Java. It includes reusable components and a solid runtime environment, so you don't have to start a new project from scratch. And it uses Spring's familiar programming model to simplify configuration and implementation, so it'll be comfortably familiar to most Java developers. About the Book Spring Batch in Action is a thorough, in-depth guide to writing efficient batch applications. Starting with the basics, it discusses the best practices of batch jobs along with details of the Spring Batch framework. You'll learn by working through dozens of practical, reusable examples in key areas like monitoring, tuning, enterprise integration, and automated testing. No prior batch programming experience is required. Basic knowledge of Java and Spring is assumed. What's Inside

  • Batch programming from the ground up

  • Implementing data components

  • Handling errors during batch processing

  • Automating tedious tasks

Table of Contents


  2. Introducing Spring Batch

  3. Spring Batch concepts

  4. Batch configuration

  5. Running batch jobs

  6. Reading data

  7. Writing data

  8. Processing data

  9. Implementing bulletproof jobs

  10. Transaction management

  11. Controlling execution

  12. Enterprise integration

  13. Monitoring jobs

  14. Scaling and parallel processing

  15. Testing batch applications

Product information

  • Title: Spring Batch in Action
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: October 2011
  • Publisher(s): Manning Publications
  • ISBN: 9781935182955