Spring Boot Essentials

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Spring Boot provides some impressive features to simplify writing your code, and does so with minimal effort. It is the fastest way to get a Spring application up and running with the fewest lines of code and the least configuration. It aims to make development easy so that you can create production-grade applications and services.

This course begins by helping you configure Spring Boot, then shows you a practical implementation of its various features. Then, you will work on running and debugging Spring Boot apps in the IDE. Following that, you’ll learn the foundations of the Spring Boot platform and understand its operations. Afterwards, you’ll understand layered architecture basics and how Spring Boot lets us create layered applications built on top of Spring. You’ll also see how autoconfiguration works and understand how to use it and troubleshoot it where required. Finally, you’ll be injecting properties into Spring-managed beans and publishing Spring events to ApplicationListeners.

By the end of the course, you will get hands-on knowledge of running and debugging Spring Boot applications in the IDE. You will also be able to publish these applications on a website.

What You Will Learn

  • Run and debug Spring Boot apps in an IDE
  • Learn the foundations of the Spring Boot platform and understand its operations
  • Understand layered architecture basics and how layered applications are created
  • Know how autoconfiguration works and understand how to use it and troubleshoot it where required
  • Build the Sprint Pet Clinic application
  • Inject properties into Spring-managed beans
  • Publish Spring events to ApplicationListener


This course is for developers who want to get hands-on with Spring Boot and use it to build and publish apps. We assume that you have a working knowledge of the Java programming language. Prior knowledge of Spring Boot is helpful but not essential.

About The Author

Matthew Speake: Matthew Speake is a Java technologist and trainer. He has over 20 years of experience working everywhere from small start-ups to large global corporations and is the principal trainer at Zention in the UK.

Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Introduction
    1. Welcome to the Course
  2. Chapter 2 : Getting Started
    1. Section Introduction
    2. Creating a Spring Boot Application with Spring Initializr
    3. Exploring a Spring Initializr Generated Spring Boot Project
    4. Using Maven with Spring Boot
    5. Using Gradle with Spring Boot
    6. Running and Debugging Spring Boot Apps in the IDE
    7. Understanding Layered Architecture in Spring Applications
    8. Important Spring Boot Resources You Should Know
  3. Chapter 3 : Taking a Tour of a Sample Spring Boot Application
    1. Section Introduction
    2. Downloading Spring Pet Clinic
    3. Building the Spring Pet Clinic Application
    4. Running the App and Taking a Tour of the Application
    5. Examining the Project and its Dependencies in the IDE
    6. Examining the Controllers and Web Layer
    7. Examining the Repositories and Data Layer
    8. Examining the Start-Up of a Spring Boot Application
    9. Examining the Application Properties, Logging Configuration, and Profiles
    10. Summing Up the Essence of How a Spring Boot Application Works
  4. Chapter 4 : Understanding Starter Dependencies
    1. Section Introduction
    2. Understanding Spring Boot Starter Dependencies and Their Resolution
    3. Relating the Spring Boot Dependency Graph within your IDE
    4. Looking at the Flattened Resolved Dependencies Set
    5. Changing the Starter Dependency to Bring in a Different Spring Boot Starter Web
    6. The Relationship of Starter Dependencies with Autoconfiguration
  5. Chapter 5 : Understanding Autoconfiguration
    1. Section Introduction
    2. How Spring Boot Creates the Spring Application Container
    3. How @SpringBootApplication Configures a Spring Boot App
    4. Spring Factories for Autoconfigured Libraries
    5. Understanding a Typical Autoconfiguration
    6. Property Injection in Autoconfiguration Classes
    7. Understanding Conditions and Excluding and Overriding Autoconfiguration
    8. Debugging Autoconfiguration by Enabling Autoconfig Reporting
  6. Chapter 6 : Understanding Spring Boot Properties
    1. Section Introduction
    2. Common Properties in Spring Boot that You can Configure
    3. Injecting Properties into Spring-Managed Beans
    4. Providing Default Values for Properties
    5. Overriding Properties at Runtime with System Properties
    6. Specifying Properties in YAML File Format
    7. Accessing Nested Properties and Strongly-Typed Property Values
  7. Chapter 7 : Exploring Start-Up of a Spring Boot Application
    1. Section Introduction
    2. Examining a Foundational Spring Boot Project
    3. Registration of Important Spring ApplicationListeners
    4. Preparing and Establishing the Spring Application Context
    5. Creating the Beans of the Spring Runtime
    6. Creating the Embedded Tomcat Web Server
    7. Publishing Spring Events to ApplicationListeners
  8. Chapter 8 : Wrapping Up
    1. Thanks and wrap up

Product information

  • Title: Spring Boot Essentials
  • Author(s): Matthew Speake
  • Release date: April 2021
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781801070737