Spring Boot in Action

Book description

A developer-focused guide to writing applications using Spring Boot. You'll learn how to bypass the tedious configuration steps so that you can concentrate on your application's behavior.

About the Technology

The Spring Framework simplifies enterprise Java development, but it does require lots of tedious configuration work. Spring Boot radically streamlines spinning up a Spring application. You get automatic configuration and a model with established conventions for build-time and runtime dependencies. You also get a handy command-line interface you can use to write scripts in Groovy. Developers who use Spring Boot often say that they can't imagine going back to hand configuring their applications.

About the Book

Spring Boot in Action is a developer-focused guide to writing applications using Spring Boot. In it, you'll learn how to bypass configuration steps so you can focus on your application's behavior. Spring expert Craig Walls uses interesting and practical examples to teach you both how to use the default settings effectively and how to override and customize Spring Boot for your unique environment. Along the way, you'll pick up insights from Craig's years of Spring development experience.

What's Inside

  • Develop Spring apps more efficiently
  • Minimal to no configuration
  • Runtime metrics with the Actuator
  • Covers Spring Boot 1.3

About the Reader

Written for readers familiar with the Spring Framework.

About the Author

Craig Walls is a software developer, author of the poplular book Spring in Action, Fourth Edition, and a frequent speaker at conferences.

Easy to digest and fun to read.
- From the Foreword by Andrew Glover, Netflix

The evolution of Spring continues, and this guide helps maximize its potential.
- Michael A. Angelo, ThreatConnect

A lucid, real-world treatment of a valuable toolset. The practical examples help bring agility and simplicity to application construction.
- Eric Kramer, Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Easy to follow, comprehensive, awesome!
- Furkan Kamaci, Alcatel-Lucent

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Product information

  • Title: Spring Boot in Action
  • Author(s): Craig Walls
  • Release date: December 2015
  • Publisher(s): Manning Publications
  • ISBN: 9781617292545