Spring Into HTML and CSS

Book description

The fastest route to true HTML/CSS mastery!

Need to build a web site? Or update one? Or just create some effective new web content? Maybe you just need to update your skills, do the job better.

Welcome. This book's for you. We'll leverage what you already know about the web, so you'll go further, faster than you ever expected. You'll master today's best practices: the real nuts and bolts, not theory or hooey. You'll learn through dozens of focused HTML, XHTML, and CSS examples: crafted for simplicity and easy to adapt for your own projects.

Need specific solutions? This book's modular, visual, high-efficiency format delivers them instantly. Molly E. Holzschlag draws on her unparalleled experience teaching Web design and development. No other HTML/CSS guide covers this much, this well, this quickly. Dig in, get started, get results!

  • All you need to succeed with HTML, XHTML, and CSS in real-world projects

  • Learn how to build web pages that'll work in any environment, on virtually any contemporary browser

  • Construct templates that simplify every page you develop

  • Structure and tag text so it's easy to work with and manage

  • Add images, media, and scripts–quickly and reliably

  • Discover the right ways to use HTML tables

  • Build easy-to-use forms and validate your users' input

  • Use CSS to take total control over your site's look and feel

  • Master core CSS techniques: color, images, text styles, link effects, lists, navigation, and more

  • Control margins, borders, padding, positioning, floats, even Z-index

  • Design efficient, compatible, easy-to-manage CSS layouts

  • Includes concise XHTML and CSS annotated references: quick help for every language element

    Spring Into... is a new series of fast-paced tutorials from Addison-Wesley. Each book in the series is designed to bring you up to speed quickly. Complex topics and technologies are reduced to their core components, and each component is treated with remarkable efficiency in one- or two-page spreads. Just the information you need to begin working...now! And because the books are example-rich and easy to navigate, you'll find that they make great on-the-job references after you've mastered the basics.

    © Copyright Pearson Education. All rights reserved.

    Table of contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Spring Into Series
    4. From the Series Editor
    5. Contents
    6. Preface
      1. Who Should Read This Book?
      2. How Is This Book Organized?
      3. What's Unusual About This Book?
      4. Where to Get Examples from the Book
      5. Acknowledgments
      6. About the Author
      7. About the Series Editor
    7. 1. Building an HTML Page
      1. Declaring and Identifying the Document
      2. Adding the html Element
      3. The head and title Elements
      4. The meta Element
      5. The body Element
      6. HTML Comments
      7. Reviewing the Template
      8. Text Is Next!
    8. 2. Adding Text and Links
      1. Using Headers Properly
      2. Adding Paragraphs
      3. Working with Page Breaks
      4. Ordered Lists
      5. Unordered Lists
      6. Nesting Lists
      7. Definition Lists
      8. The Good Old Link
      9. Email Links
      10. Intrapage Linking
      11. Adding Content to the Template
      12. Wrapping It Up
    9. 3. Adding Images, Media, and Scripts
      1. The img Element
      2. Adding width and height Values
      3. Providing Alternative Text
      4. Linking the Image
      5. Linking to an Audio or Video File
      6. Embedding Files Using the object Element
      7. But Your Honor, I Object!
      8. Adding Scripts
      9. Scripting and Browser Concerns
      10. Imagine That!
    10. 4. Creating Tables
      1. The table Element
      2. Adding a Table Row
      3. Adding Table Cells
      4. Adding Table Headers
      5. Adding a Caption
      6. Table Summaries
      7. Spanning Rows
      8. Spanning Columns
      9. Combining colspan and rowspan
      10. Grouping Table Columns: The col Element
      11. Grouping Table Columns with colgroup
      12. Grouping Table Rows
      13. The Table's Set…
    11. 5. Building Forms
      1. The form Element
      2. Adding an Input Textbox
      3. Adding Check Boxes and Radio Buttons
      4. Preselecting Checked Items
      5. Using Form Menus
      6. Working with Text Areas
      7. Reset and Submit Buttons
      8. Using a Graphic Submit Button
      9. Making Forms More Accessible with label
      10. Grouping Form Fields
      11. Grouping Menu Items
      12. Customizing and Advancing Your Forms
      13. Now That You're Well-Formed…
    12. 6. Working with Frames
      1. The Power of Three
      2. Creating a Frameset
      3. Adding Columns
      4. Working with Rows
      5. Combining Columns and Rows
      6. Margin, Resize, and Scroll Controls
      7. Naming and Targeting Frames
      8. Frames Without Frontiers
      9. Making Frames Accessible with noframes
      10. Wonderful Inline Frames
      11. You're Framed!
    13. 7. Using CSS
      1. CSS Theory Simplified
      2. Adding Style Inline
      3. Using Embedded Style
      4. Creating a Linked Style Sheet
      5. Importing Style Sheets
      6. Commenting and Formatting CSS
      7. Time to Put Your Imagination to Work!
    14. 8. Working with Color and Images Using CSS
      1. Color and CSS
      2. Adding Color to Backgrounds
      3. Spicing Up a Table Using Background Color
      4. Attaching a Background Graphic
      5. Controlling How Backgrounds Tile
      6. Positioning a Background Graphic
      7. Fixing and Scrolling Background Images
      8. Making a Background Color Transparent
      9. CSS Shorthand for Backgrounds
      10. Having Fun Yet?
    15. 9. Styling Text
      1. Choosing Fonts
      2. Applying Font Families to Text
      3. Sizing Fonts
      4. Font Weight and Style
      5. Coloring Text
      6. Aligning Text
      7. Text Decoration
      8. Indenting Text
      9. Transforming and Varying Text
      10. Setting Line Height
      11. Spacing Letters and Words
      12. Modifying First-Letter and First-Line Text
      13. Using Shorthand for Font Styles
      14. Now You're Getting Fancy!
    16. 10. Link Effects, Lists, and Navigation
      1. Working with Link States
      2. Modifying Link Styles
      3. Multiple Link Styles Using Class Selectors
      4. Styling Links Using Descendant Selectors
      5. Styling Ordered Lists
      6. Styling Unordered Lists
      7. Shorthand CSS for List Styles
      8. List-Based Vertical Navigation Using Color
      9. Vertical List Navigation with Image Effects
      10. Horizontal List-Based Navigation with Color
      11. Horizontal List Navigation with Images
      12. Rich Links, Lists, and Navigation
    17. 11. Margins, Borders, and Padding
      1. Exploring the Box Model
      2. Using Margins
      3. Using Negative Margins
      4. Margin Shorthand
      5. Styling Borders
      6. Border Shorthand
      7. Using Padding
      8. Padding Shorthand
      9. Toward Gaining More Control…
    18. 12. Positioning, Floats, and Z-index
      1. Getting into Position
      2. Normal Flow
      3. Containing Blocks
      4. The Browser Viewport
      5. Absolute Positioning: To the Root Element
      6. Absolute Positioning: To Another Block
      7. Relative Positioning
      8. Fixed Positioning
      9. Floating Elements
      10. Clearing Floats
      11. Z-index
      12. Just Like a Pro…
    19. 13. CSS Layouts
      1. Three Columns with Fixed Flanking Menus
      2. Three Columns with Masthead and Footer
      3. Nested Float
      4. Centered Designs
      5. Complex Layouts
      6. Repeat After Me…
    20. A. XHTML 1.0 Annotated Reference
      1. Key to Element Types: Empty and Non-Empty
    21. B. CSS 2.1 Annotated Reference
      1. Selectors, Pseudo Classes, and Pseudo Elements
      2. CSS 2.1 Properties
    22. Index

    Product information

    • Title: Spring Into HTML and CSS
    • Author(s): Molly E. Holzschlag
    • Release date: April 2005
    • Publisher(s): Addison-Wesley Professional
    • ISBN: 0131855867