Chapter 12. Advanced add-ons and deployment


This chapter covers
  • Writing advanced add-ons
  • Surveying key Roo infrastructure components
  • Generating a GPG key
  • Deploying add-ons to the RooBot and an OBR repository


Now that you’ve learned how to install add-ons to customize your projects, you may be thinking, “So what? Normally I update my Maven POM and install these frameworks myself.” True, but add-ons can be much more powerful than a codegeneration mechanism. Mastering the Roo add-on system is key to providing a wealth of productivity enhancements for your development team.

In this chapter, we’ll take a look at how to build advanced Roo add-ons. We’ll delve into Roo’s key infrastructure beans such as the fileManager and project-Operations ...

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