Chapter 21

Adding Syntax to Your Toolkit

In This Chapter

arrowUnderstanding the fundamental form of Syntax commands

arrowControlling the flow of execution through a program

arrowFinding some useful commands and keywords

In the last chapter, you see that Syntax can save you time (avoiding repetitive steps and making it easier for others to know exactly what you’ve done) and that ultimately it’s really pretty easy to get started. When you incorporate Syntax into your routine, you’ll want to start expanding your use of it — as long as it continues to save you time and effort.

Some Syntax commands can’t be pasted from the menus using the Paste button. Some are just easier to type. If you’re going to start typing some Syntax, you’ll have to learn a little bit more about the grammar and the rules of Syntax.

remember You can always choose to do most things in SPSS with the menus. It’s okay to use the menus for a while before you master Syntax. There is an old saying, “When you’re ready, your teacher will appear.” So, when you’re ready, Syntax — and this chapter — will be waiting for you.

Your Wish Is My Command ...

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