Chapter 3

Getting to Know SPSS by Running a Simple Session


check Getting data

check Assessing data

check Graphing data

check Manipulating variables

This chapter introduces the SPSS environment and demonstrates a typical session. You use SPSS to read a previously defined SPSS data file, manipulate data, and then produce a simple statistical summary and chart. You also learn the roles of the primary windows in SPSS. More detailed instruction about many of the topics in this chapter follow in later chapters. Here, a basic framework is given for understanding and using SPSS.

Opening a Dataset

In this example, you start SPSS and then open up the bankloan.sav data file. We also briefly discuss the SPSS graphic user interface.

To begin, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Start ⇒   All Programs ⇒   IBM SPSS Statistics ⇒   SPSS Statistics 27.

    The SPSS Welcome dialog shown in Figure 3-1 appears. This is where you can see what’s new in the software, provide user feedback, and navigate to data files. You'll open one of the sample SPSS data files.

    FIGURE 3-1: The SPSS Welcome dialog.

  2. Click the Sample ...

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