Chapter 8 The Transform and Data Menus

Chapter 8

The Transform and Data Menus


check Sorting your cases in different ways

check Using some data (and not other data)

check Combining counting and case identifying

check Recoding variable content to new values

check Grouping data in bins

After you get your raw data into SPSS, you may find that it contains errors or isn’t organized how you’d like. A way to alleviate these problems is to make modifications to your data by configuring the values into a form that’s easier to work with and read. This chapter contains some methods you can use to modify your data without losing any information.

A related problem occurs when you want to analyze only some of your data or perform the same analysis more than once. For example, you may want to select the good, complete data and avoid the incomplete, messy data. Or you may want to do a separate analysis for new customers and established customers.

Sorting Cases

You can change the order of your cases (rows) ...

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