Chapter 2: Storing XML Data in SQL Tables

In This Chapter

arrow Adding XML data to an SQL pseudotable

arrow Designing tables to store XML data

arrow Bringing XML documents current

arrow Getting to know Oracle’s tools for updating tables with XML

arrow Discovering Microsoft’s tools for updating tables with XML

The latest version of the ISO/IEC SQL specification (SQL:2008) details how to store XML data in an SQL-compliant database and operate on it with SQL. In this chapter, I cover SQL’s basic data manipulation operations as applied to XML data. Because the primary focus of this book is SQL, I assume that you’re already up to speed on XML.

Inserting XML Data into an SQL Pseudotable

Until recently, with regard to the relationship between SQL and XML, the emphasis has been on converting SQL table data to XML to make it accessible on the Internet. The most recent addition to the SQL standard addresses the complementary problem of converting XML data to SQL tables so that it can be easily queried using standard SQL ...

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