Chapter 2

Modeling a System


Bullet Picturing how to grab the data you want to grab

Bullet Mapping your data retrieval strategy onto a relational model

Bullet Using Entity-Relationship diagrams to visualize what you want

Bullet Understanding the relational database hierarchy

SQL is the language that you use to create and operate on relational databases. Before you can do that database creation, however, you must first create a conceptual model of the system to be built. In order to have any hope of developing a database system that delivers the results, performance, and reliability that the users need, you must understand, in a highly detailed way, what those needs are. Your understanding of the users’ needs enables you to create a model of what they have in mind.

After perfecting the model through much dialog with the user, you need to translate the model into something that can be implemented with a relational database. This chapter takes you through the steps of taking what might be a vague and fuzzy idea in the minds of the users and transforming it into something that can be converted directly ...

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