Chapter 1

What Squarespace Can Do for You

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the ways to create a website

arrow Discovering the benefits of Squarespace

arrow Reviewing the different levels of support offered by Squarespace

arrow Building just about any website

Squarespace is about making everything easy. If you can click a mouse or tap a trackpad, you can certainly build a website on Squarespace without knowing a lick of code.

When building your website, you’ll want a solution that is easy to use, enables you to create a custom design, and provides helpful resources and support from real people. In this chapter, I show how Squarespace meets these requirements.

Knowing Your Options

You can create web pages in several ways. You can write all the code by hand, you can use desktop software such as Dreamweaver or FrontPage, or you can use an online solution such as Squarespace.

Do-it-yourself options

In the past, people coded their own websites from scratch because website builders generated messy and disorganized code, resulting in websites that loaded slowly and often didn’t work correctly. Today, many ...

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