Stand Out!

Book description

Stand Out! is a book about branding and its evolution, practice, and power in today’s digital age.

It presents the “why-do” and the “how-to” along with a passionate philosophy on transforming business through brand-centered change. It spells out a sequential, easily understandable, proven brand-building process and is a key reference text for anyone in¬terested in brand development, leadership, innovation, and sustainable business growth. Reader understanding and enjoyment are enhanced by ample presentation of supporting tables, charts, case examples, expert tips, real-life experiences and pull-out quotes, as well as a helpful “word wizard” glossary at the end of each chapter explaining business terms and expressions used.

This book democratizes branding: It makes branding—its history, theory, and practice—easily accessible and actionable. Stand Out! replaces the mystique of brand strategy with the magic of brand transfor¬mation….it makes it exciting and fun and puts that power directly into the hands of the business masses. It is a practical handbook for getting started with branding or for strengthening an existing brand management system. It gives the reader the confidence, permission, and skills to get branding now!

Product information

  • Title: Stand Out!
  • Author(s): Brian McGurk
  • Release date: September 2020
  • Publisher(s): Business Expert Press
  • ISBN: 9781951527532