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StarOffice™ 5.2 Calc Handbook

Book Description

  • The easy-access, task-oriented guide to StarOffice Calc!

  • Absolute basics to advanced data analysis

  • Communicate your data: Formatting, charting, printing, and Web publishing

  • Exchange files with Microsoft Excel users

  • For Windows, Linux, Solaris, and other platforms

  • Endorsed by Sun, publishers of StarOffice!

Maximize your productivity with StarOffice Calc the easy way!

StarOffice Calc is your complete, task-focused guide to StarOffice Calc, the spreadsheet component of StarOffice — the world's #1 open source productivity suite! From the absolute basics to advanced data analysis, you'll find step-by-step, quick-access coverage of everything you need to know to get productive — and stay productive. Coverage includes:

  • All the fundamentals -- fast! Values, formulas, functions, formatting, and much more

  • Exploring StarOffice Calc's powerful spreadsheet views

  • Building reliable spreadsheets with StarOffice Calc's auditing features

  • Expert data analysis: Subtotals, consolidation, sensitivity analysis, goal seek, and scenarios

  • Working with lists and databases

  • Powerful communication with StarOffice charts

  • Publishing spreadsheets on the Web or your corporate intranet

  • Working with Microsoft Excel files — and Microsoft Excel users

Don't just run StarOffice Calc! Master it, with the book that delivers all the answers with none of the hassles: StarOffice Calc.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Preface
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. Getting Started with StarOffice Calc
    1. Starting StarOffice
    2. Working on the StarOffice Desktop
    3. Using the Explorer
    4. Organizing with Explorer Groups
    5. Working with the Beamer
    6. Using the Gallery
    7. Manipulating the Tips Window
    8. Opening StarOffice Calc
    9. Understanding Spreadsheet Geography
    10. Exploring Different Spreadsheet Views
    11. Getting Help
    12. Closing Calc and Exiting StarOffice
  5. Creating Basic Spreadsheets
    1. Entering Spreadsheet Data
    2. Entering Text
    3. Entering Values
    4. Saving Your Spreadsheets
    5. Using the Version Feature
    6. Adding File Properties
    7. Opening a Spreadsheet
    8. Working with Multiple Windows
    9. Navigating a Calc Spreadsheet
    10. Working with Cell Ranges
    11. Basic Editing Techniques
    12. Using Undo, Redo, and Repeat
    13. Filling Cells Automatically
    14. Creating Your Own Spreadsheets
  6. Working with Cells, Rows, and Columns
    1. Formatting Cell Attributes
    2. Formatting Numbers
    3. Understanding Number Formats
    4. Working with Font Attributes
    5. Working with Colors, Borders, and Backgrounds
    6. Aligning Cell Entries
    7. Copying Cell Formats
    8. Using AutoFormat
    9. Setting Column Widths
    10. Setting Row Heights
    11. Transposing Column and Row Information
  7. Enhancing Your Spreadsheets
    1. Inserting Spreadsheet Elements
    2. Renaming Sheets
    3. Deleting Elements
    4. Hiding Rows and Columns
    5. Hiding Sheets
    6. Protecting Cells
    7. Merging Cells
    8. Aligning Information in Merged Cells
    9. Using Special Alignment Settings
    10. Using the Find and Replace Features
    11. Using the Spellchecker and AutoSpellcheck
    12. Working with AutoCorrect
    13. Using the Thesaurus
    14. Tracking Changes
    15. Inserting Notes
  8. Working with Formulas and Values
    1. Creating Spreadsheet Formulas
    2. Referencing Cells on Other Sheets and Spreadsheets
    3. Copying and Moving Formulas
    4. Naming Cells and Ranges
    5. Working with the Navigator
    6. Using the Calc Detective
    7. Using Special Data Entry Techniques
    8. Working with Data Series and the Fill Feature
  9. Working with Functions
    1. Understanding Calc Functions
    2. Understanding Absolute References
    3. Inserting Functions
    4. Working with Basic Functions
    5. Using Advanced Functions
    6. Using Validity Rules
    7. Checking Functions with the AutoPilot
    8. Understanding Common Error Messages
    9. Using Notes with Formulas and Functions
  10. Working with Styles and Templates
    1. Understanding Styles
    2. Creating and Modifying Styles
    3. Finding and Replacing Styles
    4. Working with Templates
    5. Using Conditional Formatting
    6. Formatting Spreadsheets for a Specific Purpose
  11. Working with Lists and Databases
    1. Using Lists and Databases in Calc
    2. Understanding Calc Database Design
    3. Creating a Database
    4. Sorting Data
    5. Filtering Data
    6. Working with the Outline Feature
    7. Exporting and Importing Calc Data
  12. Advanced Data Analysis and Macros
    1. Understanding Advanced Data Analysis
    2. Working with Subtotals
    3. Consolidating Data
    4. Conducting a Sensitivity Analysis with Multiple Operations
    5. Using Goal Seek
    6. Creating Scenarios
    7. Working with the DataPilot
    8. Understanding Calc Macros
  13. Charting Data in Calc
    1. Using Charts in Calc
    2. Preparing Spreadsheets for Charts
    3. Understanding Chart Geography
    4. Creating a Chart
    5. Working with the StarOffice Chart Tools
    6. Copying Charts to Other StarOffice Applications
  14. Working with Graphics and Objects
    1. Using Graphics and Objects in Calc
    2. Inserting Graphics
    3. Using the Image Editor
    4. Inserting a Graphic from a Scan
    5. Inserting an OLE Object
    6. Inserting Sounds and Video
    7. Inserting a Plug-In
    8. Inserting an Applet
    9. Inserting a Formula
    10. Formatting Graphics and Objects
  15. Printing Spreadsheets
    1. Understanding the Print Process
    2. Working with Page Preview
    3. Using Print Ranges
    4. Working with Page Formatting
    5. Working with Headers and Footers
    6. Using Page Styles
    7. Working with Page Breaks
    8. Working with Printers
  16. Inserting Calc Data in Documents and Web Pages
    1. Using Calc Data in Other Applications
    2. Sharing Calc Data with Writer
    3. Understanding Web Pages
    4. Creating Web Pages
    5. Combining Calc and Web Pages
    6. Working with Hyperlinks
  17. Customizing and Configuring StarOffice Calc
    1. Controlling Your Workspace Environment
    2. Working with General Options
    3. Working with Calc Custom Options
    4. Configuring Menus
    5. Configuring Toolbars
  18. Calc Shortcut Keys