Chapter 7

How to Out-Market Your Market

When you developed your vision in earlier chapters, you (hopefully) documented lofty sales and profit goals. You also became aware that to achieve such results, you must reverse engineer your financial metrics and business assets as discussed in previous chapters.

It also requires you to incorporate world-class marketing into your strategic plan. Even if you’ve built the best product, developed a highly trained team, and created amazing systems, if you aren’t able to reach or convince customers to buy, you will not achieve success. The good news is that despite what you might assume, world-class marketing does NOT necessitate the type of marketing that Fortune 500 companies with big budgets use. Rather, there are extremely low-cost techniques that allow you to fully leverage every marketing effort you take, thereby increasing your revenues and profits exponentially.

To implement world-class marketing in your business, you need to (1) understand your true marketing goal and (2) build the strongest marketing system in your industry. This chapter will show you how to do both so you can grow your sales and profits and dominate your market.

The Most Important Number in Your Business

To understand your true marketing goal, you need to understand the most important number in your business. That number is profit per impression (PPI). This is the amount of profit you generate from everyone who hears about your company.

Let me give you an example. ...

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