If you’re like most entrepreneurs and business owners, when you first started or purchased your company, you dreamt about the finish line; specifically about how your life would be radically better once your company became a huge success.

However, soon after you launched, many of you became trapped in daily, weekly, and monthly struggles and goals: generating more sales and profits, improving employee performance, and reducing your hours and stress. At some point, virtually all of you became 100 percent focused on these short-term goals and lost sight of your long-term vision. As a result, your chances of achieving your original dreams have significantly decreased.

This book will help you turn that around.

How can I be so sure? For nearly 15 years, my company Growthink and I have helped more than 500,000 entrepreneurs and business owners start, grow, and exit their companies. Our core focus has been creating business plans that identify where companies want to go and the specific steps they need to take to get there.

We have created business plans transforming struggling companies into highly profitable ones and flat companies into high growth ones. One of our clients came to us a few years ago when the client’s company was generating a few hundred thousand dollars a year in revenue but losing money. Today, this client generates more than a $100 million in annual revenue and is incredibly profitable. You can achieve such growth as well with the right plan.

I didn’t ...

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