Chapter 16

Improving Performance

In This Chapter

arrow Seeing why retaining customers matters

arrow Measuring customer satisfaction

arrow Discovering ways to cut costs and work smarter

arrow Setting budgets

An unpleasant truism in business, and in much else, is that after resources are allocated they become misallocated over time. Another way of looking at this problem is to say that just because something ‘ain’t broke’, it doesn’t mean you can’t make it perform better still. To get your business to grow and keep growing needs a continuous effort to improve every aspect of that business.

In this chapter, I tell you how to boost your business by keeping your customers happy, improving your efficiency and effectiveness, and increasing and expanding your business.

Checking Your Internal Systems

In order to improve performance, you have to have systems in operation that help you measure performance in the first place. The following sections give you tips for evaluating how you spend your time and how to keep on top of your markets.

Keeping track of your routine

A good test of whether you’re allocating enough ...

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