Chapter 1

Your Business in Context

In This Chapter

  • Analyzing the feasibility of your business idea
  • Figuring out your industry
  • Doing research on your industry
  • Determining where you fit in
  • Targeting a new product for the market

This chapter starts at the very beginning, looking at how to step back and see a potential start-up business in the context within which it operates. If you've already started your business and are committed to it, or if you know exactly what kind of business you want to run and nothing will change your mind, or if your idea is to start rather small, with a modest idea that doesn't require finding much funding to get you going, you can skip this chapter. Good luck to you. But it could be to your advantage to stick around anyway, because the fact is, not every business is a good idea at the time and place where it is born. You could save yourself some heartache by examining the external factors that will affect your business whether you like it or not. If you choose the right business at the right time and the right place, your chances of success are much higher.

Every successful business operates inside an environment that affects everything it does. The environment includes the industry in which the business operates, the market the business serves, the state of the economy, and the various people and businesses the business interacts with. Your business doesn't exist in a vacuum. Now, more than ever before, understanding your industry is a critical component ...

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